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Suite K
Valdosta, Ga.
United States

(229) 244-8966

We serve you fresh squeezed juices and smoothies made from whole fruits with no added sugars or fillers. Your health is our business and your pleasure.




The Main Squeeze Juice Bar is here to help you on your journey toward holistic wellness. We serve you juice, juice that will make your life better. We believe that the American diet excludes far too many good foods and includes far too many bad foods. It is our goal to help you put those good foods back into your diet, providing it with invaluable nutrition.

To find out more about our philosophy of health and nutrition, visit our pages: Our Philosophy, The Benefits of Juicing, and 5 Steps to a Healthier You, or visit our Blog where we constantly provide you with educational and entertaining content to help you on your way toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Some people love our juices and smoothies for their pure, clean taste, while others love them for their nutritional benefit; whichever describes you, we encourage you to read our material here on our website, come talk to us, or send us an email so that you can make wiser health decisions in and out of the juice bar.